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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

CG Jung

Love Locks


 If you are in a relationship that is not working for you now you might be feeling very hurt, angry, alone & frightened. The person you share your life with, who you committed to, no longer seems to be the right fit for you. This can feel devastating, anxiety provoking & unsafe. To feel alone in a relationship is acutely painful. Confronting change or longing to be loved & cherished, but finding you feel dismissed, abused or rejected is a deeply painful process. 



Even when surrounded by family & friends it can feel hard to share the full force of your experience of anxiety, the distress is causes and the huge impact it has. In counselling I offer this space. Time for you to be heard, understood, to express the depth of your feelings of anxiety or depression. I listen to your whole experience, understand your feelings and help you to explore the change & uncertainties you are facing. There's no judgement here, whatever you're feeling, it's safe to speak.

Holding tight. Feeling loss.


When someone you love dies it can feel as if the rug has been pulled from beneath everything you knew about your world. The feelings of confusion, anger, anxiety, loss & distress overwhelm everything else. Even small familiar tasks & routines are experienced in a new strange way. Whether expected, or unforeseen, you may feel confused, shocked & your resilience seems to have vanished. Talking about your loved one, your story and your sense of loss helps.



Reaching out for help is a brave & hopeful step. Drop me a brief email to introduce yourself. We can arrange a time for a 10 minute chat. You'll tell me a bit about you and learn little about how you feel talking with me. From there, if you feel comfortable, we can arrange a first session to meet. I’m here to help you.  

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