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"vulnerability is not a weakness; its our most accurate measure of courage"

B Brown


A chair for you to be found in.

Individual Therapy offers you a space each week for you to focus on your issues and needs. The focus of this time is you. 

The power of retelling the story of what is going on for you is well researched and evidenced as a healing act. This requires time from you & careful active listening form a trained therapist. I am experienced in offering this. 
I am qualified as a IFS UK Therapist to offer Internal Family Systems Therapy and additionally Lifespan Integration Therapy. These two gentle body attuned therapies complement each other. Both these therapeutic approaches offer a safe way to work with traumatic events and attachment trauma. 



Help to cope, heal & thrive. 

I believe counselling is a refuge in challenging times. A place & time where you can feel less alone as you reflect, rest and restore. 

Each week when we meet I will listen to your experiences; you might share what happened to you, how you found it, what it meant for you then, and how it is impacting you now.

I work carefully with you at your pace. Together we ensure that your sense of what is safe is understood. Your pace, what you need to feel secure, is vital to our exploration what you are bringing to therapy.

Trust, empathy, patience and acceptance are the values that unpin the way I work, over seen by the BACP Code of Ethics I adhere to.

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