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You may be looking for Psychotherapy or Counselling to support you now during a crisis in your life. Or perhaps you are ready to work on a trauma arising from a relationship or an event. It can sometimes be hardest to share life's challenges with those closest to us. I can step into this gap, to support you, in the short, or long term. 

Bringing your experiences into therapy offers a time for you that is safe, empathetic & confidential. You'll find this imbued with acceptance, warmth, validation and enquiry. Individual therapy has the potential to be a meaningful refuge in challenging times. Added to this it can have transformative potential that is healing for your future.



Making sense of what happened.

If you’ve experienced a traumatic event or relationship, past or present, the impact can remain held regardless of time passing.
You might feel its impact in how you are in yourself, or with others. Perhaps it feels like it’s time to talk about this. Or maybe you're still living through this. I can work with you, and your trauma, safely and at you pace.

I offer Lifespan Integration therapy and Internal Family Systems therapy, these gently ways of working support a safe way to work towards healing trauma in your life. 

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How do I do this?

As time passes choices made in good faith can sometimes seem to no longer fit. Who we are, or hope to be, can feel called into question. Change, in lifestyle or relationships, can be challenging & frightening. Together we can explore what has changed for you, your place in this and where you want to be. Psychotherapy for change can help you find the clarity & support you need as you move towards the life you wish to live.

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Everything is different.

When someone dies, or a part of our life stops, it can be disorienting. Life can cease to make sense, and our place within it can be confused. The deep experience of grief can impact areas of our lives we hadn’t imagined. Psychotherapy for loss, of a loved one or a role, can help with the physical and emotional impact of this frightening process. There is no ‘normal’ way to grieve, counselling can help you to cope and understand your process through your loss.

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Who am I?

We all have a story to tell. Finding our unique space in the world when its crowded by others' expectations can be challenging. Knowing you’re not living authentically is a pain felt at your core. Perhaps you’ve kept a part of you hidden, from others, or yourself. As a humanistic therapist I believe being able to express, indeed live, authentically is vital to your sense of well-being. Together we can explore who you are and how you want to express this.

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