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Listen carefully to your Distress

Feeling distress is a normal part of being human. Acknowledging it is courageous. Distress comes in many forms; anger, rage, withdrawal, silence, arguing, tears and confusion are just a few.

How we acknowledge this is crucial how to how we live with it. As a Humanistic Therapist I hold in mind that our growth is best nurtured with empathy, from within, or from someone we trust. Growth can happen in a small moment or over the passage of time. With time spent in a nurturing relationship, the space for choice about how we respond, to most of what life throws at us, can grow. Choice, made authentically, with a sense of responsibility to our own lives, gives us meaning.

Making decisions in the name of others, can seem altruistic. All to often leads to resentments and sense of having lost oneself. “Living in Bad faith” can be felt viscerally, but is also that catalyst for change; ‘I don’t want to live like this anymore’.

I believe distress speaks loudly within someone, whether they are sat with me or not. Listening carefully to the messages it sends with compassion can be challenging. All to often it can be buried under busy-ness that distracts form feeling and avoid the pain


Make time to listen carefully to your distress. It might be sending an important message.

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