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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I’m reliably told it is National Self-Care week. Self care can be one of those buzz words that comes with a sense that ‘I should do that’. And then, when its added to ‘The List’ and not completed, it can become a source of disappointment or shame.

Imagine it framed as not as ‘another job’, but part of the flow of Being, rather than Doing.


There’s no judgment if you do, or don’t. It is pleasureable and nurturing when you can.

So, what is Self-Care? For each person it's different. I’m suggesting a few headings and ideas here that may help you get started thinking about what is right for you.


Sleep; nutrition; exercise; and, regular health care visits.


Journaling, talking about feelings in health ways to people we trust or seeking help from a counsellor.


Reading for pleasure or work; writing; and,engaging in continued education for additional knowledge/skill.


Spending time with friends, family and colleagues you enjoy; having fun and playing; belonging to groups, communities and activities that encourage positive social connections.


Balancing you £ account; planning for the future; and spending money in thoughtful and productive ways.

Emergency Planning

What happens when you forget to do these? Are you talking kindly to yourself? Is there someone you can tell? How will you know to reach out to yourself, or others, under stress? It is good to plan for the times when, being human, we forget to look after ourselves.

Stay Safe,


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